What is MEDIA Films Database?

MEDIA Programme celebrates 30 years of existence and, in order to bring the MEDIA Programme closer, not only to professionals but also to everyone (European citizens, journalists, researchers, film students…) we have design a MEDIA FILMS Database that will connect MEDIA results with Films, Festivals & Academy Awards.

This database tries to compile all the films that have received MEDIA support from the year 2001 until now, and to report on the festivals to which they have been selected and the prizes that have received. As the results clearly show, a considerable number of European films have travelled the continent thanks, at least in part, to the programme's support for distribution and sales agents.

In the 21st Century is essential to measure the impact of what we are doing. The MEDIA FILMS Database allows us to reach information related to MEDIA supported films in a fast and reliable way. The Advance Search tool allows establishing cross reference relations. For example, all films with MEDIA Development support selected at Cannes Film Festival. With that sort of information, statistics can be done in a more convenient way, and help answer questions about the Programme’s impact, showing the economic importance of the audiovisual industry.

Films supported by MEDIA attended the most important Festivals, such as Cannes or Berlin; they receive outstanding awards, like the LUX European Parliament Award, French Cesars or Spanish Goyas, even the Hollywood Oscars, but all these glamour of the Red Carpet is wasted, for marketing and promotional purposes.

Behind every Call for proposals now there is a trailer, a poster, or stills from the film, all in one place, available worldwide, at the MEDIA FILMS Database. The Database provides user-friendly information, based on a modular tool that can be customized and updated as the Programme evolves. Also the information can be share through the social media.

On the other hand, the MEDIA Desks network can be a source of collecting data, specially the one related to Festivals or Academy Awards, since they have the knowledge on the field. The MEDIA FILMS Database could be a collaborative tool, feed by the know-how of all professionals at the Desks, that will constantly update the database.

Concerning the accuracy of the data, the information related to results of the MEDIA Programme is provided by the existing files of each Call for proposals, published at the MEDIA Programme official website and forward to all MEDIA offices by the EACEA.

The MEDIA FILMS Database brings in one accessible place all the information that shows how much MEDIA is doing for the European Cinema.


Thanks to: MEDIA Unit, EACEA, Cineuropa, and to all MEDIA offices in Europe who collaborate updating the MFDB.