Wilbur begar selvmord

Wilbur wants to kill himself
Lone Scherfig
Denmark, United kingdom
Drama, Fiction
Lone Scherfig / Anders Thomas Jensen
Jamie Sives / Shirley Henderson / Adrian Rawlins / Lisa McKinlay / Mads Mikkelsen
Zentropa Productions


The suicidal but witty Wilbur and his good-hearted big brother Harbour are in their thirties, when their father dies, leaving them with nothing but a worn down second-hand bookshop. Wilbur survives a suicide attempt and goes to hospital, where he meets Horst, a cynical psychologist and his empathic head nurse, Moira. Like Harbour, they believe that Wilbur needs a girlfriend. But even though women fall for Wilbur all the time, they can't get close to him. In fact, it is Harbour, who falls in love, when a shy and intense woman, Alice, enters the lives of the brothers. Alice lives a life in isolation with her little daughter, Mary. She supplements her job as a cleaning lady at the hospital's surgical ward, selling books that the patients have left behind. Little by little Wilbur, Harbour and Alice become inseparable. Wilbur starts regaining his lust for life, Alice starts to come out of her shell, and Mary starts reading the thousands of books in the second-hand bookshop. Harbour has never been happier, but he carries a deep secret, that threatens to surface.

Festivals & Academy awards and others

Berlin International Film Festival 2003
Competition Special Screening
Valladolid International Film Festival (Seminci) 2003
Best Actor
Emden International Film Festival 2003
Audience Award
Skip City International D-Cinema Festival 2004
Grand Prix for Best Film
Hamptons International Film Festival 2003
Audience Award - best international film

Troia International Film Festival Awards 2003
Best Male Actor


Denmark (8 of November 2002)