Seduction Camp

Seduction Camp
Konrad Szołajski
Konrad Szołajski
ZK Studio [PL]


Let us imagine Casanova or Don Juan becoming lecturers at a reputable university where they explain the intricacies of the theory and practice of.... seduction. Can it really work? Can it become a field of science? Supposedly yes. Nowadays, the seduction trainings are getting more and more popular and those who are interested are also ready to pay a lot of money for it…

The film shows the phenomenon of seduction schools through observation of an exemplary training where the teacher inculcates into his pupils’ minds the techniques of coming onto women. Is the theory later affirmed by practice? We would get the answer observing the heroes in shopping malls and clubs with hidden cameras.

The techniques of seduction are – as the critics say – a spoiled element of today’s commercialized and lowered culture and can even hurt those who are putting it into effect. Seduction trainings help to gain sexual partners but could be harmful when it comes to developing a long lasting emotional relationship.

By observing the consequences in the heroes’ lives the director tries to find out whether pupils of seduction camps gain or lose having decided to take part in the training.

Festivals & Academy awards and others

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
The Forum
Medimed 2011
Docs Gallery