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Roger Gual
Spain, Ireland (Eire)
Comedy, Romance, Fiction
Javier Calvo, Silvia González Laá, Roger Gual
Jan Cornet, Clàudia Bassols, Stephen Rea, Fionnula Flanagan, Timothy Gibbs, Marta Torné, Santi Millán, Vicenta N'Dongo, Andrew Tarbet, Andrea Ros, Togo Igawa, Andrés Herrera, Iván Morales, Akihiko Serikawa
Zentropa Spain / Televisió de Catalunya / Subotica Entertainment /
Eurimages / Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA)


A couple makes a reservation for the best restaurant in the world for a year later. When the day arrives, they're separated and it is the last night the restaurant will be open. None of them will miss the culinary event.

It’s been a year since Marc and Rachel booked a table at the best restaurant in the world, situated in an idyllic cove of Costa Brava. When it turns out that the booking is on the same date as the last night before the restaurant closes forever, their booking becomes even more important. The thing is just that Marc and Rachel are no longer together. They have been separated for a year and not seen each other during that time. Not willing to miss this unique culinary event, however, they both decide to meet at the restaurant - and it becomes a night of nothing you would have expected.



Festivals & Academy awards and others

Málaga Film Festival 2013


Spain (14 of June 2013)