L'altra frontera (before "Crónica de otro confín")

Another frontier
André Cruz Shiraiwa
Spain, France, Lithuania
Drama, Fiction
Aurora Sulli and André Cruz Shiraiwa
Ariadna Gil, Biel Montoro, Laura Rayón
Cine de Garage / Escándalo Films / Televisio de Catalunya / Lithuania Film Studio / Paris-Barcelone Films


Love story between a mother and her son, fleeing a war that has isolated his country. When arriving at the border are accommodated in a refugee camp which hides a sinister surprise. Fulfill the dream of crossing over will test their moral boundaries. 
Hannah, a wealthy upper-class woman, and her son León flee from a domestic war that has isolated their country. They have set their sights on crossing the border, placing all their hopes on “No Man's Land”, a refugee camp located at the border that hides a sinister surprise. After a long journey fraught with difficulties, mother and son are finally given shelter at the camp, where they find well-deserved stability. But everything falls apart with the appearance of Claus, an old acquaintance who knows a vexing secret. In their struggle to achieve their dream, Hannah and León will be challenged, and the situation will put the limits of their morality to the test.

Festivals & Academy awards and others

Sitges Film Festival 2014
OF Competition
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2015
Silver Mèlies to Andrés Cruz Shiraiwa

Gaudí Awards 2015
Nominated at Best Film, Best Sound (Dani Fontrodona, Jordi Monrós and Marc Orts), and Best Special / Digital Effects (Bernat Aragonés, Eric Venti, Jose Bahamonde and Arturo Baston).


Spain (13 of December 2014)