La Singla

La Singla
Paloma Zapata
Spain, Germany
Paloma Zapata
La Fabrica Naranja, Malandar Films, Malberg Pictures


“La Singla” was born deaf in a gypsy community in Barcelona, but despite all the social barriers, she had an internationally successful career, coming to be considered the best bailaora in the world before she turned 18.

Our story begins 50 years later in Seville, when a young journalist and flamenco teacher discovers some old recordings of La Singla on the internet. Impressed by her talent, she decides to cross Spain to look for her in Barcelona, where she finally finds her, withdrawn from her for years. On her way, the journalist discovers her story of overcoming her and her abuses that pushed her to disappear from the stage.

With an impressive talent, and a great history of overcoming, it seemed that Antonia was born to succeed. But surprisingly, La Singla was eliminated from flamenco history.

Festivals & Academy awards and others

Málaga Film Festival 2023
Documentaries Feature Films Official Section
DocsBarcelona - International Documentary Film Festival 2023
Official Section Panorama
Panorama Jury Special Mention
Docs of the Audience Award - Moritz
San Sebastián International Film Festival 2023
Made in Spain

Feroz Awards 2024
Feroz Arrebato Non-Fiction Award (WINNER)


Spain (10 of November 2023)