Der Hauptmann

The captain
Robert Schwentke
Poland, Germany, France
Drama, History, Fiction
Robert Schwentke
Max Hubacher, Milan Peschel, Frederick Lau, Bernd Hölscher, Waldemar Kobus, Alexander Fehling, Britta Hammelstein, Sascha Alexander Geršak, Samuel Finzi, Wolfram Koch, Marko Dyrlich, Hendrik Arnst, Haymon Maria Buttinger, Alexander Hörbe, Eugénie Anselin, Sebastian Rudolph, Rike Eckermann, Jörn Hentschel, Stefan Kolosko, Max Thommes, Blerim Destani, Annina Polivka, Stefan Feddersen-Clausen, Harald Warmbrunn, Ferdinand Dörfler


1945. The Allies force the Nazi army to withdraw. What would happen if a war deserter stole a Captain’s identity and started to convince soldiers to join him for a “special mission”? The Hunt begins.

The end of World War II is in sight and the social structure of Germany lies in tatters.  As the Wehrmacht's morale begins to deteriorate and regiments begin to disintegrate, the number of deserters climbs so dramatically that any soldier found separated from his company may be shot as a traitor. Anarchy and arbitrary murder completely replace law and order.

One band of officers hunts down a 19-year-old private – deadly horseplay  more than any kind of organized pursuit. 
The private, WILLI HEROLD, bolts through the woods. Desperate, running out of time.

By sheer luck, Herold escapes from his hunters and goes to ground – pursued by the local farmers he steals from to survive and by his fellow soldiers who want him dead – through the bleak and barren moors of the Ems river estuary.
Soaked through, worn out, half starved, and nearly frozen to death, Herold makes a pivotal find: the uniform of some highly decorated Luftwaffe captain.

In the last moments of World War II, a 19 year old private, ragged and starving, steals a captain's uniform. Impersonating an officer he gathers a group of deserters and proceeds to kill and plunder his way through a beaten Nazi Germany.

Festivals & Academy awards and others

San Sebastián International Film Festival 2017
Official Selection
Jury Prize for Best Cinematography
Vilnius International Film Festival 2018

Deutscher Filmpreis (Lolas) 2018
Best Sound Design Award (Eric Devuler, Andre Bendocchi-Alve)

Best Film Nomination
Best Supporting Actor Nomination (Alexander Fehling)
Best Editing Nomination (Michal Czarnecki)
Best Music Nomination (Martin Todsharow)
Best Sound Nomination (Eric Devulder, André Bendocchi-Alves, Martin Steyer)
European Film Awards (EFA) 2018
Feature Film Selection
Sound Design (Andre Bendocchi-Alves, Martin Steyer) - WINNER


Spain (21 of September 2018)