Anatomie de l'enfer

Anathomy of hell
Catherine Breillat
Catherine Breillat
Amira Cassar / Rocco Sifredi / Alexandre Belin / Manuel Taglang / Jacques Monge


In those places where people mingle without meeting, where the techno beat controls the bodies' impulses, they dance, sway and blend in the primeval hydra of other men's bodies. In their sudden desire for each other, they are all men together, without the need of others. She is the Girl, breathtakingly beautiful, yet ignored by them. In the toilets, she cuts her wrists with a razor. Two thin, parallel lines that meet only in the blood welling up from them. And this is how they meet. He doesn't like women; she will pay him to look at her, as she says : - From the angle from which she should never be viewed - It will cost you, he says - I'll pay you. Four nights. In a house in the middle of nowhere, perched on the cliffs and whose front steps are lined by four columns. Four nights to confront each other, her against him. For the obscenity of women arises from the way in which men look at them. Four nights to confront the unspoken, to explore what can't be shown: that which is secret. As in the Hebrew of the Book of Genesis in which "secret" is the same word as "nudity", literally "that which must not be seen". Because the nudity of bodies pierces the nudity of souls and reveals their conscience. Intimacy is the greatest possible taboo that leaves you speechless.

Festivals & Academy awards and others

Berlin International Film Festival 2004
Festival Internacional de Cinema d'Autor de Barcelona (D'A) 2024
Focus (Catherine Breillat)