All the Pretty Little Horses

All the Pretty Little Horses
Michalis Konstantatos
Greece, France, Germany
In Development
Michalis Konstantatos
Horsefly Productions, in co-production with Endorphine Production & Faliro House Productions


Alice and Petros, a married couple in their late 30s, just moved from Athens to a small apartment in a Greek seaside provincial town with their son Panayiotis (5). Alice works as a part-time in-house nurse. Petros as a caretaker of a luxurious villa owned by Anna (55), a wealthy, independent woman, who only visits whenever work allows.

Petros and Alice try to adapt to their new circumstances and roles, but frictions arise between them. Petros is more ready to accept his new reality, while Alice, who has a heightened sense of pride, strongly resists. She starts to visit Petros at the villa, a constant reminder to them of better times, and gradually they spend more time there when Anna is away. When they return to their small flat, they have a hard time coping. Alice indulges in property porn, while Petros, with the pretext of work, visits Anna at the villa with a flirtatious attitude.

Their misuse of the villa peaks when they invite a supposedly friendly couple, pretending that the villa is theirs. The dinner awakes Petros’ dormant, more arrogant and aggressive side, which gradually transforms to a near-obsessive desire to continue to stay at the villa. For Alice, however, it is more of a reality check. She confronts Petros and the gap between them widens alarmingly. Petros tries to bridge the gap, but things take an unexpected turn when Anna returns to the house and discovers that they have been living there all along. Now, their confrontation with reality is inevitable.