• MEDIA funded films at Cannes Film Festival 2024

    MEDIA funded films at Cannes Film Festival 2024

    Official Selection - Competition

    Grand Tour, by Miguel Gomes (Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, China, Japan, 2024). Award for Best Director (Miguel Gomes)

    All We Imagine as Light, by Payal Kapadia (France, India, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, 2024). GRAND PRIX

    Limonov: The Ballad, by Kirill Serebrennikov (Italy, France, Spain, 2024)

    Pigen med nålen (The Girl With the Needle), by Magnus von Horn (Denmark, Poland, 2024)

    Cannes Première

    Maria (Being Maria), by Jessica Palud (France, 2024)

    Un Certain Regard

    Ljósbrot (When the light breaks), by Rúnar Rúnarsson (Iceland Netherlands, Croatia, France, 2024).

    Sisters (September Says), by Ariane Labed (France, Greece, Germany, Ireland, UK, 2024)

    Armand, by Halfdan Ullmann Tøndel (Norway, 2024). Caméra d’Or

    Viet And Nam, by Minh Quy Truong (Vietnam, Philipinnes, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands, France, Italy, 2024).

    International Critics’ Week (Semaine de la Critique)Feature Films in Competition

    Rafaat einy ll sama (The Brink of Dreams), by Nada Riyadh, Ayman El Amir (Egypt, France, Denmark, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, 2024). Golden Eye Award for Best Documentary Film

    International Critics’ Week (Semaine de la Critique)Special Short Film Sessions

    Sannapäiv (Sauna Day), by Anna Hints, Tushar Prakash (Estonia, 2024)

    Directors’ Fortnight (La Quinzaine des Cineastes) – Feature Films

    白衣蒼狗 (Mongrel), by Chiang Wei Liang, You Qiao Yin (Taiwan, Singapore, France, 2024). Special Mention for the Caméra d’or Jury. 

    Official Selection – Short Films in Competition
    Nominated for Palme d'Or Short Film

    Across the Waters, by Viv Li (China, Germany, 2024)

    Mau Por Um Momento (Bad for a Moment), by Daniel Soares (Portugal, 2024). Special Mention for Short Film

    Selection of Non-Competitive Immersive Works

    Empereur (Emperor), by Marion Burger, Ilan Cohen (France, Germany, 2023)

    Ojos Sombríos (Gloomy Eyes), by Jorge Tereso, Fernando Maldonado (France, Argentina, 2019)

  • The MEDIA funded film 'The Teachers’ Lounge', by Ilker Çatak, wins the Lux Audience Award 2024

    The MEDIA funded film 'The Teachers’ Lounge', by Ilker Çatak, wins the Lux Audience Award 2024

    Das Lehrerzimmer (The Teachers' Lounge), by lker Çatak (Germany, 2023). Lux Audience Award Winner 2024

  • 5 MEDIA funded films, nominated for 9 Oscars 2024

    5 MEDIA funded films, nominated for 9 Oscars 2024

    Anatomy of a Fall, by Justine Triet (France, 2023), 5 nominations, 1 award:

    Best Picture (Marie-Ange Luciani and David Thion, Producers)

    Directing (Justine Triet)

    Writing (original screenplay) (Justine Triet and Arthur Harari) WINNER

    Actress in a Supporting Role (Sandra Hüller)

    Film Editing (Laurent Sénéchal)

    Io Capitano (Me Captain), by Matteo Garrone (Italy, Belgium, 2023). International Feature Film nomination.

    Das Lehrerzimmer (The Teachers' Lounge), by lker Çatak (Germany, 2023). International Feature Film nomination.

    Robot Dreams, by Pablo Berger (Spain, France, 2023). Animated Feature Film nomination. 

    Les Filles d'Olfa (Four Daughters), by Kaouther Ben Hania and Nadim Cheikhrouha (France, Tunisia, Germany, 2023). Documentary Feature Film Nomination

  • MEDIA funded films awarded for the French Cesar Awards 2024

    MEDIA funded films awarded for the French Cesar Awards 2024

    Anatomy of a Fall, by Justine Triet (France). 11 nominations, 6 awards:

    Best Film.

    Best Direction (Justine Triet).

    Best Original Script (Justine Triet, Arthur Harari)

    Best Actress (Sandra Hüller).

    Best Actor in a secondary role (Swann Arlaud)

    Best Film Editing (Laurent Sénéchal).

    The Animal Kingdom, by Thomas Cailley (France, Belgium). 12 nominations, 5 awards:

    Best Original Music (Andrea Laszlo de Simone)

    Best Sound (Fabrice Osinski, Raphaël Sohier, Matthieu Fichet, Niels Barletta).

    Best Costume Design (Ariane Daurat)

    Best Photo (David Cailley).

    Best Visual Effects (Cyrille Bonjean, Bruno Sommier, Jean-Louis Autret)

    The Goldman Case, by Cédric Kahn (France). 8 nominations, 1 award:

    Best actor (Arieh Worthalter).

    All your Faces, by Jeanne Herry (France). 9 nominations, 1 award:

    Best Actress in a Secondary Role (Adèle Exarchopoulos).

    The Three Musketeers - Part I: D'Artagnan i Milady, by Martin Bourboulon (France, Germany, Belgium, Spain). 6 nominations, un award:

    Best Settings (Stéphane Taillasson)

    Marguerite's Theorem, by Anna Novion (France, Switzerland). 2 nominations, 1 award:

    Best new actress (Ella Rumpf).

    Four Daughters, by Kaouther Ben Hania (France, Tunisia, Germany, Arabia Saudita). 1 nomination, 1 award:

    Best Documentary Filml.

    Just the two of us, by Valérie Donzelli (France). 4 nominations, 1 award:

    Best adapted script (Valérie Donzelli i Audrey Diwan).

    Linda veut du poulet!, by Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach (France, Italy). 1 nomination, 1 award:

    Best Animated Film

    The Nature of Love, by Monia Chokri (France, Canada). 1 nomination, 1 award:

    Best Foreign Film

  • 5 MEDIA funded films, nominated for the 2024 LUX Audience Award of the European Parliament

    5 MEDIA funded films, nominated for the 2024 LUX Audience Award of the European Parliament

    20,000 Species of Bees, by Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren (Spain)

    Fallen Leaves, by Aki Kaurismäki (Finland, Germany)

    On the Adamant, by Nicolas Philibert (France, Japan)

    Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, by Anna Hints (Estònia, France, Iceland)

    The Teachers' Lounge, by Ilker Çatak

  • MEDIA funded films at the Berlinale 2024

    MEDIA funded films at the Berlinale 2024

    Berlinale - Competition:

    Another End, by Piero Messina (Italy, 2024)

    Architecton, by Viktor Kossakovsky (Germany, France, 2024)

    Des Teufels Bad (The Devil’s Bath), by Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala (Austria, Germany, 2024). Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution (Martin Gschlacht for the cinematography)

    Berlinale Special:

    Treasure, by Julia von Heinz (Germany, France, 2024)


    Andrea lässt sich scheiden (Andrea Gets a Divorce), by Josef Hader (Austria, 2024)

    Jia ting jian shi (Brief History of a Family), by Lin Jianjie (China, France, Denmark, Qatar, 2024)

    Cu Li Không Bao Giờ Khóc (Cu Li Never Cries), by Phạm Ngọc Lân (Vietnam, Singapore, France, Philippines, Norway, 2024)

    Panorma Dokumente:

    Ještě nejsem, kým chci být (I’m Not Everything I Want to Be), by Klára Tasovská (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, 2024)

    No Other Land, by Basel Adra, Hamdan Ballal, Yuval Abraham, Rachel Szor (Palestine, Norway, 2024). Berlinale Documentary Award 2024 / Audience Award Prize Winner Documentary Film 2024Special Mention Peace Film Prize

    Tongo Saa (Rising Up at Night), by Nelson Makengo (Congo, Belgium, Germany, Burkina Faso, Qatar, 2024)


    Marijas klusums (Maria’s Silence), by Dāvis Sīmanis (Latvia, Lithuania, 2024). Forum Prize of Ecumenical Jury 

    Reas, by Lola Arias (Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, 2024)

    Oasis of Now, by Chee Sum Chia (Malaysia, Singapore, France, 2024)

    Generation K Plus:

    Fuchs und Hase retten den Wald (Fox and Hare Save the Forest), by Mascha Halberstad (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, 2024)

  • MEDIA funded films nominated and awarded for EFA Awards 2023

    MEDIA funded films nominated and awarded for EFA Awards 2023

    ANATOMY OF A FALL (ANATOMIE D’UNE CHUTE), by Justine Triet (France). 6 Nominations, 6 Awards:
    European Director (Justine Triet). WINNER
    European Actress (Sandra Hüller). WINNER
    European Screenwriter (Justine Triet, Arthur Harari). WINNER
    European Film. WINNER

    European Editing (Laurent Sénéchal). WINNER

    European University Film Award 2023. WINNER

    FALLEN LEAVES (KUOLLEET LEHDET), by Aki Kaurismäki (Finland, Germany). 5 Nominations:
    European Director (Aki Kaurismäki)
    European Actress (Alma Pöysti)
    European Actor (Jussi Vatanen)
    European Screenwriter (Aki Kaurismäki)
    European Film

    GREEN BORDER (ZIELONA GRANICA), by Agnieszka Holland (Poland, France, Czech Republic, Belgium). 3 Nominations:
    European Director (Agnieszka Holland)
    European Screenwriter (Maciej Pisuk, Gabriela Lazarkiewicz-Sieczko, Agnieszka Holland)
    European Film

    ME CAPTAIN (IO CAPITANO), by Matteo Garrone (Italy, Belgium). 2 Nominations:
    European Director (Matteo Garrone)
    European Film

    THE TEACHERS' LOUNGE, by lker Çatak (Germany). 2 Nominations:
    European Actress (Leonie Benesch)
    European Screenwriter (Ilker Çatak, Johannes Duncker)

    AFIRE, by Christian Petzold (Germany). 1 Nomination: European Actor (Thomas Schubert)

    LA CHIMERA, by Alice Rohrwacher (Italy, Switzerland, France). 2 Nominations, 1 Award:

    European Actor (Josh O' Connor)

    European Production Design (Emita Frigato). WINNER

    THE PROMISED LAND, by Nikolaj Arcel (Denmark, Germany, Sweden). 3 Nominations, 3 Awards:

    European Actor (Mads Mikkelsen). WINNER

    European Costume Design (Kicki Ilander). WINNER

    European Cinematography (Rasmus Videbæk). WINNER

    CLUB ZERO, by Jessica Hausner (Austria, United kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark). 1 Nomination, 1 Award:

    European Original Score (Markus Binder) - WINNER

    European Discovery - Prix Fipresci:

    20,000 SPECIES OF BEES(20.000 ESPECIES DE ABEJAS), by Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren (Spain).

    VINCENT MUST DIE (VINCENT DOIT MOURIR), by Stéphan Castang (France, Belgium).

    European Documentary:

    APOLONIA, APOLONIAby Lea Glob (Denmark, Poland). 

    FOUR DAUGHTERS (LES FILLES D’OLFA), by Kaouther Ben Hania (France, Tunisia, Germany, Arabia Saudi).   

    ON THE ADAMANT (SUR L’ADAMANT), by Nicolas Philibert (France, Japan).  

    SMOKE SAUNA SISTERHOOD (SAVVUSANNA SÕSARAD), by Anna Hints (Estonia, France, Iceland). WINNER

    European Animated Feature Film:

    ROBOT DREAMS, by Pablo Berger (Spain, France). WINNER

    CHICKEN FOR LINDA!, by Chiara Malta & Sébastien Laudenbach (France, Italy).

    The Amazing Maurice, by Toby Genkel (Germany, UK)

    A Greyhound of a Girl, by Enzo d'Alò (Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland, UK, Latvia, Estonia, Germany)

    White Plastic Sky (Műanyag égbolt), by Tibor Bánóczki, Sarolta Szabó (Hungary, Slovakia)

  • 8 MEDIA funded films, nominated for the Gaudí Awards 2024

    8 MEDIA funded films, nominated for the Gaudí Awards 2024

    Creatura, by Elena Martín Gimeno (15 nominations, 6 awards):

    Best Film WINNER

    Best Direction (Elena Martín) WINNER

    Best Original Screenplay (Clara Roquet i Elena Martín)

    Best Actor in a leading role (Oriol Pla)

    Best Production Direction (Andrés Mellinas)
    Best Art Direction (Sylvia Steinbrecht)
    Best Editing (Ariadna Ribas) WINNER
    Best supporting actress (Clara Segura) WINNER
    Best Supporting Actor (Alex Brendemühl) WINNER
    Best revelation performance (Clàudia Malagelada) WINNER
    Best Original Music (Clara Aguilar)
    Best Photography (Alana Mejía González)
    Best sound (Leo Dolgan, Oriol Donat and Laia Casanovas)
    Best visual effects (Cristina Garmón)
    Best make-up and hairdressing (Danae Gatell and Àlex Salvat)

    20.000 species of bees, by Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren (9 nominations, 3 awards):

    Best film in a non-Catalan language WINNER
    Best new director (Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren) WINNER
    Best Original Screenplay (Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren)
    Best Actress in a leading role (Patricia López Arnaiz)
    Best Art Direction (Izaskun Urkijo Alijo)
    Best Editing (Raúl Barreras)
    Best Supporting Actress (Ane Gabarain)
    Best photography (Gina Ferrer) WINNER
    Best sound (Eva Valiño, Koldo Corella and Xanti Salvador)

    Upon Entryby Juan Sebastián Vásquez and Alejandro Rojas (5 nominations, 1 award):

    Best film in a non-Catalan language
    Best New Director (Juan Sebastián Vásquez and Alejandro Rojas)
    Best Original Screenplay (Juan Sebastián Vásquez and Alejandro Rojas) WINNER
    Best Actress in a Leading Role (Bruna Cusí)
    Best Male Actor (Alberto Ammann)

    Robot Dreamsby Pablo Berger (3 nominations, 2 awards):

    Best Animated Film WINNER
    Best Adapted Screenplay (Pablo Berger)
    Best original music (Alfonso de Vilallonga) WINNER

    They shot the piano playerby Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal (1 nomination):

    Best Animated Film

    Triangle of Sadnessby Ruben Östlund (Sweden, UK, US, France, Greece)

    The Eight Mountains , by Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte VandermeerschCountry (Italy, Belgium, France, UK)

    Close, by Lukas Dhont (Belgium, France, The Netherlands)